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Leanbyfa Meal Replacement Beverage

Sale price$28.00

Ever tried a meal replacement that causes you to feel bloated, constipated and thirsty?

Fret not, you won't be experiencing these with Leanbyfa!

Leanbyfa is a meal replacement beverage founded by Fatin Afeefa. It comes in 2 flavours in a box  Each serving is less than 100Kcal and mildly sweeten with stevia, a healthier alternative to sugar and to cater to those who are looking at cutting down their sugar intake.

Leanbyfa contains active ingredients like cereal/oat powder and konjac which helps are high in fiber and has the ability to provide a sense of fullness, green coffee as an energy booster and to block fat buildup, MCT oil that helps to burn fat and improve gut health. With consistent consumption, you will be able to achieve calorie deficit and eventually weight loss. 

Best paired with 
Flush it honey - to detox the body for better absorption and functioning of Leanbyfa ingredients in the body
Calming cream - to firm and tone up those saggy skin as your skin loses its elasticity during weight loss


Leanbyfa Meal Replacement Beverage
Leanbyfa Meal Replacement Beverage Sale price$28.00

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