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A pitstop for your beauty needs



Leading haircare brand

Sugardoll has been in the market since 2016. It first started off with haircare products such as the Vitamin Tonic Set and Intense Shampoo Set which provided solutions for those who faced hair concerns such as balding, brittle hair and hairfall.

As years passed, Sugardoll has gained prestigious recognition and was awarded with the Superbrands Malaysia 2021. Sugardoll has also expanded its range of collection from haircare to beauty and weight care.


kickstart to weight loss journey

Shortcutx launched as a nutritional supplement company in 2022 with the goal to get consumers the results that they want when it comes to their body. Shortcutx has a range of products ranging from ready to drink sachets, to powder form meal replacements that were made from finest all-natural ingredients.

happy noz

INNOVATIVE WAY IN RELIEVING stuffy and runny nose

Happy Noz patches were infused with a blend of onion oil and other essential oils to help relief stuffy and runny nose in new born, young children, adults and even elderly.


cosmetics infused skincare

Mawarose products are infused with skincare ingredients to offer both cosmetics and skincare benefits. The Lip & Cheek Serum was Mawarose's very first product and it has gained popularity due to its versatility. With the Lip & Cheek serum itself, users can use it as a lip tint, blusher and eyeshadow.

Mawarose currently has various cosmetics infused skincare products such as lip balm, lip mattes and their latest collection lip plumper.


Reduce calorie intake and overeating

Leanbyfa is a sugar free meal replacement drink that uses stevia to sweeten the drink while fixing your sugary cravings and reducing your sugar intake. It also helps to promote weight loss through providing you with a sense of fullness after consuming.

Leanbyfa comes in 4 delicious flavours such as double chocolate, chocolate caramel oat, cookies & cream and strawberry milkshake for you to enjoy!