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Basic set

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Sugardoll basic set is also known as vitamin tonic set. In a set, it consists of 60 hair skin vitamin tablets and 30ml hair tonic for a month usage.

Hair skin vitamins
The vitamins act as multivitamins that provide our body with vitamins and minerals that we may lack in our daily diet for that healthy growing hair.

Hair tonic
The hair tonic on the other hand contains active ingredients like pea sprout extract, vitamin B5, B6 and E and, ginseng root extract which help to stimulate blood circulation on the scalp and promote hair growth.

Best paired with
Sugardoll shampoo set - to enhance the effectiveness and absorption of the hair tonic
Sugardoll serum - to prevent dry and frizzy hair through protecting our hair ends from heat and environmental damages


Basic set
Basic set Sale price$57.00

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