SugardollbyNN Vitamin Tonic Set


💊 Vitamin Tonic set (Basic Set) 💦

Consist of 60 hair skin vitamin tablets and 30ml hair tonic for a month usage.

Hair skin vitamins
The vitamins act as multivitamins that provide our body with vitamins and minerals that we may lack in our daily diet for that healthy growing hair.

Hair tonic
The hair tonic on the other hand contains active ingredients like pea sprout extract, vitamin B5, B6 and E and, ginseng root extract which help to stimulate blood circulation on the scalp and promote hair growth.

How to use?
Hair skin vitamins
1. Consume 2 tablets daily. For better absorption, take on empty stomach.

2. Drinking at least 2L of plain water/lemon infused water helps to enhance the results.

Hair tonic
1. Meant for scalp areas only.
2. Split hair into different sections and spray tonic onto scalp followed by massaging scalp with fingertips.
3. For targeted concerns (e.g. bald spots, thin hairlines/partings), spray directly onto areas following by massaging with fingertips

Who is it for?
✔️ Basic set is the MUST HAVE set to start with especially for those who are facing hair fall/hair loss/slow hair growth/balding.

✔️ Men and women
✔️ Suitable for breastfeeding and pregnant mummies (who are in their last trimester

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