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Baby Rose Haircare Set by SugardollNN

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Presenting to you Baby Rose Haircare series by SugardollNN, specially created by a mother for mothers out there with the best interest of your little ones in mind. 

💦Grow My Hair Baby Shampoo💦
Grow My Hair Baby Shampoo is enriched with Viatenza Grape Seed Oil to nourish and protect your little one's delicate skin on the scalp and hair from any dryness and damage while cleansing. Comes in easy to rinse, tear-free, hypoallergenic formula and is gentle enough to be used on newborn's scalp from as young as 3 weeks old. 

Enjoy the therapeutic bonding shampooing experience between both you and your little one as the shampoo fills up your bathroom with soft floral scent 🌹.

You're going to love how soft, clean and nice smelling your little's one head is after shampooing🥰.

How to use?
1. Pour small amount of shampoo onto palm or washcloth and gently lather it onto your baby's scalp and hair.
2. Rinse well and towel-dry your baby's hair.
3. If shampoo gets into baby's eyes, rinse eyes with water immediately.

👶🏻Grow My Hair Baby Oil, 🎁 A gift for your little one!
Abyssinica Seed Oil is one of Grow My Hair Baby Oil's key ingredients in helping to fasten hair growth and promote thicker hair strands. Your little's one hair is left feeling soft, tangled free and shinny with a hint of light floral scent.

How to use?
1. Pour small amount of oil onto palm.
2. Rub hands together to warm the oil followed by gentle massaged onto your baby's scalp till oil absorbed. 
3. Best applied onto towel dried hair after shampooing or before bedtime.

Who is it for?
✔️ Newborns as young as 3 weeks old and above
✔️ Adults may use the shampoo occasionally for that gentle cleanse on your scalp or on days when you don't use Sugardoll Shampoo Conditioner Set.