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Beautepitstop Story

Ever came across an indecisive moment whereby you're unsure of which product(s) to get for your beauty needs? Or had this experience of regretting what you have gotten as you simply don't know how to use them?
You know what, I can totally relate this to you.
I have been in this situation before whereby I seem to understand what the beauty consultant/sales personnel is talking about at the store I was shopping for the beauty products. And then, the next moment, when I was about to use the products I've purchased, I ended up in a pondering stage. I started thinking if I am using the products correctly, if the products I am using are working and if is it normal to experience a certain reactions when using the products.
In such scenario, who can you find for advises? We usually ended up with Googling for information and yet not sure which source is reliable. There might be a minority of us who will head down to the store to find the beauty consultant/sales personnel that attended to us (but she might not around and another consultant/sales personnel might give you a different advice).
So with that, here in Beautepitstop, we strongly believed in educating you on the products you are getting and to also recommend the suitable product(s) based on your specific concerns and needs. We don't just be there for you during product enquires but also to be there as and when you needed. So, please do always pop by our DM on Instagram, @beautepitstop for further enquiries and clarifications. I will be glad to assist you through.
With love,
Founder of Beautepitstop