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Article: 💻 Let's Get Started On This Online Business Opportunity With Us!

💻 Let's Get Started On This Online Business Opportunity With Us!

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you an overall view on starting an online business. Continue reading for more details!

👥 Who is this for?
ANYONE! With/without online selling experiences, stay at home mummies/housewives, those working full/part-time job, those who want to earn additional income.

📝 What you need?
1. Social media platform for posting and promoting products (e.g. Facebook/Instagram/Tiktok)
2. Mobile phone
3. Start-up capital as low as $185
4. Positive mindset and attitude

✒️ What is provided?
1. Marketing materials from HQ and the team
2. Learning and Sharing sessions conducted by Sabrina, owner of @beautepitstop
3. Zoom trainings/sharing by HQ

💭 How to get started?
1. Purchase your first batch of stocks
2. Post marketing materials on your selling platform
3. Liaise and close deals with your customers through your preferred mode of contact (e.g. WhatsApp/IG DM) and delivery (e.g. doorstep delivery/self-collection)

😨 The initial phase…
Not knowing where to start?

Felt that you do not have the necessary skills and knowledge to start selling online?

I feel you. I have been there, done that. I still remember vividly how my initial phase in online business was. It was a mixture of ups and downs, trials and errors, breakthroughs and setbacks. The fear of the unknown and unforeseen and the “Do I know the products I am selling well?”.

But hey, fear is there and will always be there. Let’s ditch those excessive worrying aside, because I am here to help kickstart your online business journey. During your journey, you will be developing valuable experiences, knowledge, skills and even to learn from one and other sellers in this online business!

Most importantly, I would want you to enjoy and value this online business process!


Click on the link below to register! 🔽

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