[SALES] Angoon Meal Replacement Beverage



šŸ„­Angoon Meal Replacement BeveragešŸ„­

A mango yoghurt flavoured meal replacement beverage that contains yogurt from New Zealand with a perfect blend of oatmeal powder from Australia. Cream fiber extracted from extra virgin coconut oil and Medium chain triglyceridesĀ (MCT Oil) that helpsĀ boost metabolism and promote weight loss.Ā 

Each sachet also contains konjac powder which are known to help keep you feeling fullĀ while promoting lesser calories intake and increase the effect of weight loss.Ā Probiotics, on the other hand, contribute to the preservation of microbiota in the gut and improve the function of our digestive system.

Perfect taste of light mango yoghurt.Ā 
No artificial sweeteners, colouring, trans fat, Genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Instant yogurt powder, oat powder, fiber cream (polydextrose), hydrogenated coconut oil, stabilizers, milk protein, emulsifiers, konjac powder,Ā Medium chain triglyceridesĀ (MCT Oil) powder, syrup solids, milk protein, emulsifier, avocado extract, lime juice powder, probiotics, chlorophylls

How to consume?
1. Mix 1 sachet of WaySlim toĀ 150ml room temperature/cold water.
2. Can be taken anytime of the day, with meals, before/after workout.
3. Consuming WaySlim in the morning helps to boost your metabolism and energy throughout your day.

Additional information
15 sachets in a box for 15 days supply
* Do note that sachets come in silver packaging and not in green packaging as shown in the product gallery.

Who is it for?
āœ”ļøĀ Men and women, aged 16 and above
āœ”ļø People with health conditions like high blood pressure. For those with diabetes, it is advisableĀ to seek doctor's advise as WaySlim contains sugar from fruit extracts.
āœ”ļø Suitable for vegetarian, pregnant mummies in their second trimester, breastfeeding mummies, mummies on confinement

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