Kucate Superwoman


Superwoman is a nourishing drink infused with 7 different types of herbs that has all the goodness known to help your body recover and rejuvenate as well as providing that much needed boost as the perfect companion for your active lifestyle. 

7 herbs benefits
Rose - reduce anxiety, high in antioxidants, helps in menstrual cramps

Red dates - help digestion, natural sweetness, promotes blood circulation, strengthen the body and nourish the kidney

Goji Berries - protects the eyes, provides immune system support and promotes healthy skin

Mulberry - controls sugar level, promotes liver health, builds bone tissue and improve blood circulation

Raisin - packed with energy, rich in fibre, vitamins & minerals

Longan - high in vitamin C, strengthen liver, may help in respiration, insomnia & anxiety

Ginger - fight off nausea, ease for digestive discomfort, may help to reduce blood pressure, ease headaches & migraines


1 box contains 15 sachets heart shaped wildflower honey cubes and 15 sachets herb blends.

Red Dates, Goji Berry, Dried Longan, Raisins, Dried Ginger, Dried Mulberry, Dried Rose, Honey

No artificial colouring, flavouring enhancer and preservatives added. Caffeine free.

✔️ Children as young as 3 years old
✔️ Men, women, elderly
✔️ Women on confinement or after giving birth
✔️ Mummies who want to boost milk supply
✔️ Women on menstruation
✔️ Women who are planning to conceive
✔️ Those who experience anxiety, mood swings, insomnia
✔️ Those with dull skin complexion
✔️ Those who have low blood count
✔️ Those with active, hectic, stressful lifestyle
✔️ Those who often burn the midnight oil or sleep late
✔️ Those with low immunity, easy to fall sick or get infection
✔️ Those who are recovering from surgery or sickness

Mix 1 sachet honey cube and 1 sachet herb blends with 200 - 250ml of hot water. Stir well till honey cube dissolves before drinking.

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