Hale Nimbus High Level Disinfectant Spray


Hale Nimbus, a high level organic, food grade water-based disinfectant containing active ingredients like peracetic acid and water-based antibacterial essential oil that have been clinically tested and proven to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses within seconds! 

Being food grade, it means that it is safe to come in contact with food products.

Does not contain alcohol, chlorine and harmful ingredients which can trigger asthmas and allergies in children and adults.

Safe and gentle to be used
- by everyone (babies to elderly)
- on all skin types (especially eczema and sensitive skin)
- on surfaces (such as metal, wood, leather, fabric, plastic, glass, food, skin, pets) 


1 set comes in 3 scents

Clean, fresh, soothing scent

Aromoatic soft floral scent 

Sweet, soft fruity scent

Peracetic acid and inert ingredients (balance), water-based antibacterial essential oil

  1. Spray 2 to 3 spritz of disinfectant onto one palm.
  2. Rub disinfectant all the surfaces of your hands till dry.

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