Blanc. Beaute Face and Body Scrub Mask


Are you someone with sensitive or acne prone skin? Often face dryness and tightness of the skin after a facial scrub? Skin looking dull and lifeless? Or maybe, someone looking to include a facial scrub into your skincare regimen?

If that's the case, why not give Blanc. Beaute scrub a try!

Blanc. Beaute scrub mask gives you 3 products in 1 jar - cleanse, scrub and mask! Use it as a gentle cleanser to cleanse away those dirt and grimes. A scrub, by massaging those tiny silica beads made from bamboo powder onto your skin to reveal a smoother skin surface while unclogging the pores and reducing acne production. Or use it as a mask, for that hydrating and brightening pampering treat!

Best paired with

⭐ Reverie Touch rubber mask - to boost skin hydrating, acne healing and brightening effect


1 jar is 100g. Can last for up to 1 month or so (depending on usage).

  • Gentle exfoliation to the skin
  • Moisturises and brightens up the skin tone
  • Soften and smoothen the skin surface
  • Enhance absorption of skincare products into the skin
  • Helps remove dead skin cells and to promote skin renewal
  • Contains anti oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties to heal and soothe acne

Centella, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Salicylic acid, Salix Alba Extract, 4-Terpineol (Stem of tea tree oil), Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber)

✔️ Teens, women and men
✔️ Sensitive skin
✔️ Acne prone skin
✔️ Dry / Combination / Normal skin type
✔️ Those who want to lighten dark scars and spots on their face and body

Cleanser: Rub blanc onto dampened palms to create lather. Massage lather onto face and rinse off.

Face scrub: After removing makeup, massage scrub gently onto damp face in upwards circulation motion for up to 1 minute.

Body scrub: Massage scrub onto dampened body, focusing on dark and rough/dry areas like elbows, knees, neck, foot, butt cheeks, armpits.

Mask: Apply scrub onto face/body and leave on for a 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing it off. Do this once or twice a week.


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