Sugardoll X Simplysiti Anti-Dandruff Set


Don't let the flaky, white stuff on your scalp ruin your hairstyle and even your dark coloured outfit for the day. This anti-dandruff haircare set, containing anti-dandruff conditioning shampoo and treatment hair tonic, help to control those white flakes on your scalp. You scalp will be left feeling clean and refreshed after using! 

Free from Paraben, Silicone, SLS/SLE and Mineral Oil

Additional information 
1 set contains 250ml anti-dandruff conditioning shampoo, 40ml treatment hair tonic and free limited edition detangler. 

Who is it for?
✔️ Anyone who is looking for solution to their dandruff condition
✔️ Those with itchy/oily/dry/sensitive scalp
✔️ Safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mummies

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