Kucate Trio Set Promo

$70 $80

Kucate Trio Set consists of 1 box Stress Free, 1 box Happy Tummy and 1 box Beautea + a FREE limited edition gift of Kucate bag.

On top of that, you will stand a chance in the Kucate lucky draw for every trio set purchased. 1 trio set = 1 chance. The more sets purchased = more chances of winning! 

🌹 Beau Tea (Rose & Chrysanthemum)
Made with skin loving ingredients such as dried rose and chrysanthemum which contain vitamins E, C and antioxidant properties that are best known for promoting healthy skin and reducing the signs of aging. 

Give Beau-tea a try, it's your perfect booster on top of your regular beauty routine.

🌿 Happy Tummy (Ginger and Chrysanthemum)
Been experiencing period cramps, bloated and gassy stomach during the time of the month? Or maybe an ingestion due to rushing over your meals? Pregnant mummies feeling nausea from time to time during your pregnancy journey? Give Kucatè Happy Tummy a try! 

Happy Tummy contains ginger which is know to keep the body warm, aid digestion, ease menstrual cramps, help with nausea (especially our pregnant mummies) and tummy upset. 

🌱 Superwoman (Rose, Red Dates, Goji Berry, Mulberry, Raisin, Longan, Ginger)
Superwoman is a nourishing drink infused with 7 different types of herbs that brings overall health benefits to the young and old, men and women through increasing blood supplies and circulation in the body.


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