Kucatė is not your typical tea beverage. Other than it being aesthically pleasing to the look, it provides different benefits to cater to induvial needs. 

Purely made with natural ingredients like herbs, wildflower honey and rock sugar. Totally caffeine and preservatives free!

🌹 Beau Tea (Rose & Chrysanthemum)
Made with skin loving ingredients such as dried rose and chrysanthemum which contain vitamins E, C and antioxidant properties that are best known for promoting healthy skin and reducing the signs of aging. 

Give Beau-tea a try, it's your perfect booster on top of your regular beauty routine.

🌼 Stress Free (Osmanthus and Longan)
A go-to remedy to calm and relax yourself in time of stress. Contains osmanthus that is well known for it's soothing and relieving anxiety effect. Drink it whenever you're tensed up to pause and relax or even before bedtime for a good night's rest! To our breastfeeding mummies out there, Stress Free helps to boost your milk supply too!

🌿 Happy Tummy (Ginger and Chrysanthemum)
Been experiencing period cramps, bloated and gassy stomach during the time of the month? Or maybe an ingestion due to rushing over your meals? Pregnant mummies feeling nausea from time to time during your pregnancy journey? Give Kucatè Happy Tummy a try! 

Happy Tummy contains ginger which is know to keep the body warm, aid digestion, ease menstrual cramps, help with nausea (especially our pregnant mummies) and tummy upset. 

Popular combination 
Beau-Tea and Stress Free
⭐ Happy Tummy and Stress Free
⭐ Beau-Tea and Happy Tummy

For body nourishment
You may want to try Kucate Superwoman!


1 box contains 20 tea cubes.

🌹 Beau Tea (Rose & Chrysanthemum)
Dried chrysanthemum, Dried rose, Honey, Rock sugar

🌼 Stress Free (Osmanthus and Longan)
Dried osmanthus, Dried longan, Honey, Rock sugar

🌿 Happy Tummy (Ginger and Chrysanthemum)
Dried chrysanthemum, Dried ginger, Honey, Rock sugar

FREE from artificial colouring, flavour enhancers and preservatives

✔️ Children as young as 2
✔️ Men and women
✔️ Pregnant and breastfeeding mummies
✔️ Elderly

  1. To consume hot, dissolve 1 tea cube with 200 - 250ml hot water.
  2. To consume cold, dissolve 1 tea cube with 100ml hot water followed by adding in ice cubes.

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